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Students are required to sign-in with the teacher when tardy to any class.

To report an absence or a tardy, students can bring to the Attendance Office a note written by a parent or guardian, or parent/guardian can call into the Main Office (510) 879-2303.

When reporting an absence to the Attendance Office, the following information is necessary for school records: Student’s name Student’s grade Class period(s) missed Date(s) of the absence Reason for the absence

When a student misses school, his/her absence will be categorized by the office into one of the types listed below:

Excused Absences

An absence with permission of the parent/guardian and permission of the school principal. Such absences should comply with state law and include those that are the result of the following: -Ill or injured (doctor’s appointments fall into this category) -Attending to a death in the family -In the custody of the court -Observing a religious holiday -School Activities including approved college trips. Students will be provided make-up work for any excused absence and receive full credit for the work. It is the responsibility of the student to pick up any make up assignments and return them to the teacher within a pre-determined time period.

Students who accumulate excessive absences will be required to provide the school with documentation to verify that future absences should be excused. It is important that students have their absences excused because teachers will not allow students with unexcused absences to make up work they’ve missed due to the unexcused absence.

Unexcused Absences

An absence with permission of the parent/guardian, but without permission of the school principal. Unexcused absences are all other absences that include, but are not limited to the following: -Car trouble -Missing the bus -Over-sleeping -Staying home to study -Staying home to care for family members -Traffic -Arriving late to any class without a pass from the Attendance Office or Student Advisor.

Long-term Absences

Students who will be absent for 5 or more days, up to a maximum of 10 days, may contact the Attendance Office before the absence. Parents/Guardians must request a Short-Term Independent Study Contract.

The Principal must approve this contract. This will allow the student to keep up with the assignments and give them credit for attendance. It is best to give the office at least a two-week notice of the situation. The assignments are due upon the student’s return to school. In order for students to receive full credit, assignments must be completed satisfactorily and on time.


Tardiness is defined as the arrival of a student without proper excuse after the scheduled time the class begins.

Arriving to any class over 10 minutes late without an excuse from the Attendance Office will be considered an unexcused absence.

Medical Appointments

If a student needs to leave for a medical appointment during the school day, the student is to bring a note from home stating the time, date, and reason to be excused. This note must be brought to the Attendance Office. Office staff will verify all notes with a confirmation telephone call. After a confirmation phone call is made, the student will be given an Off-Campus Pass.