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Engineering Pathway

Aligned CTE Industry Sector: Engineering and Manufacturing

Rigorous Academics

Measure N Investments

  • 1.0 FTE Engineering CTE Teacher
  • 0.29 FTE Pathway Coach

Pillar Components/Activities


  • 8-period day/block schedule
  • Common prep period for both 9th and 10th grades
  • Department team meetings
  • Weekly Engineering Pathway meetings


  • AVID WICOR strategies across all content areas
  • Interdisciplinary projects


  • Core teachers and CTE dedicated to pathways
  • ITLs: Literacy
  • Pathway Coach

Career Technical Education

Measure N Investments

  • 1.0 FTE Engineering CTE Teacher

CTE Course Sequence

Sequence of Courses

  • 9th full year course for each pathway
  • Intro to Engineering, Principles of Engineering, Engineering Design and Development
    • 12th Senior Capstone for Engineering
  • Dual Enrollment CIS I Course

Pillar Components


  • Engineering - 2 CTE FTE
  • 1 FTE Senior Capstone

Projects and Spaces

  • Mack Maker Space, Teen Tech Center, The Shop, Library Innovation Technology Center

Work-Based Learning (WBL)

Measure N Investments

  • 0.29 FTE Pathway Coach


Work-Based Learning Experiences

  • Guest Speaker Series, Skilled Trades Fair, Intel Mentoring Program, Intel Summer Internship, Georgia Tech Summer Engineering Institute, Women in Tech Dinner, Maker Faire, Pathway Café with career speakers, Crucible Partnership, Advisory Board of Industry Partners

Pillar Components/Activities


  • Pathway Consultant
  • College & Career Readiness
  • Pathway Coach

Student Supports

Measure N Investments

  • ECCCO Student Stipends

Pillar Components/Activities


  • School-wide SEL and SpED focus in SLCs/pathways
  • COST
  • PBIS
  • Tutoring SPAAT, East Bay Consortium
  • Clinical Case Manager
  • ECCO Student Internship and Stipends

Student Focus

  • Weekly student focus pathway meetings
  • Student support list


  • Pathway-specific Care Managers
  • Part-time Community Schools Manager