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Dual Enrollment Program

Students at McClymonds have the opportunity to enroll in a Dual Enrollment college course with the Peralta Colleges (Laney College, Merritt College, College of Alameda and Berkeley City College) during fall and spring semesters at McClymonds High School. The course(s) will be offered at the McClymonds High School campus. Courses will be taught by a college instructor, and students will receive both college and high school credits, which may be used toward fulfilling graduation credits. More details about the courses are listed below.

Spring 2024 Course name and description

  1. Ethnic Studies: Race, Class, and Schools (ETHST 50)-  Historical dimensions of the African-American experience: Emphasis on formation of a distinctive African-American culture. (Grades 10-12)
  2. Computer Science: Introduction to Computer Information Systems (CIS 1)- General nature of computer hardware, software and systems: Hands-on applications include introduction to word processing, spreadsheet, database management and presentation software, and a brief introduction to web browsing and email.
  3. Computer Science: Introduction to Programming (CIS 6): 

    This course is an introduction to the concepts of computer programming. The basic principles of programming are stressed, using a problem-solving approach, with emphasis on the design and implementation of functions, representation of abstract data, and the effects of different programming methods on software development. The fundamental constructs of programming are covered in detail: Variables, Data Types, Commands, Decisions, Loops, and Functions are explained, and lab assignments are used to illustrate and further solidify the concepts. Programming as a career is discussed.

  4. Business: Introduction to Marketing (BUS 70)- Introduction to integrated marketing strategies: Identification and satisfaction of customers’ wants and needs with products (goods and/ or services), price, place, and promotional strategies; customer relationship management; integration of marketing into strategic business plans.
  5. Real Estate: Real Estate Principles (RLEST 2A)- Basic laws and principles of California real estate: Provides understanding, background, and terminology necessary for advanced study in specialized courses; preparation for the real estate salesperson’s licensing examination.

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