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9th Grade Academy and Pathways

McClymonds STEAM Early College will strategically align partners in order to provide scholarly and purposeful opportunities to prepare our students for both college and career. A professional and smaller learning community will support personalized learning in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math (STEAM). Each student will have a diagnostic profile that includes strengths, areas for improvement, personality and interest inventories, as well as college and career goals. Students, families, advisors, and counselors will refer to the profile and academic and attendance reports to prepare Personalized Learning Plans (PLP) including academic and career goals, a wellness plan, citizenship development and community service, and other areas specific to the student. The plan will serve as the guide for the student's work with opportunity for reveiw and adjustment as needed.

More importantly, these plans will support the development and navigation through our Pathways, Entrepreneurship and Engineering. Every 9th grade student will take a PathwayExploration course that introduces the concepts and opportunities embedded within each pathway. In April, 9th Graders will engage in the Pathway Selection process and choose between the Engineering Pathway or the Entrepreneurship Pathway.

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